The Practice

JVW was founded by the architect, Julia von Werz, in 2005 between Munich and New York.  Architecture and furniture design lie at the practice’s core.

Not satisfied with the increasingly generic decorating solutions offered by the world’s leading design houses, Julia von Werz began creating bespoke pieces for her own architectural projects.  In the years since, this has evolved to form a unique collection that encompasses tables, beds, sofas, chaises and lamps.

The first pieces – predominantly tables – were created from salvaged wood in New York’s Hudson Valley and the collection’s pieces still take their name from the region, even though production today is in Germany – by the best master craftsmen.

JVW has proprietary access to a coveted selection of materials, including woods sourced from old farms, riverbeds or former workshops.  Throughout the process from design to production and finishing, the elegance of the underlying material – the swing of its lines and its unique grains and structures – is paramount.

In an age of large production volumes driven by internet buying clubs, JVW strives instead to produce only the best design pieces and do it in a sustainable fashion.  This is achieved by the careful selection of materials and only the absolute highest degree of craftsmanship.  The result is a line of beautiful pieces that will live long and accompany many lives.

Julia von Werz studied architecture in Vienna and Berlin before working in a number of practices including Eisenman Architects, Adjaye Associates and Koch & Partner, in New York, London, Munich and Hanoi.  Her body of work includes private residences, restaurants, commercial projects and spas.

About the Founder